Renewable Electricity and Upwelling System Architecture

WEST comprises multiple pairs of opposing panels suspended beneath a wave-following buoy. As the buoy rises and falls on passing waves, the relative motion of water makes the panels rotate. Some panel-pairs rotate from vertical to horizontal, forcing nutrient-enriched deep ocean upward, triggering photosynthesis to increase phytoplankton, which absorb dissolved CO2. Annually, over 1/3 of mankind’s CO2 emissions are naturally absorbed by this natural ocean process. Phytoplankton are the base of the ocean food chain.

Other panel pairs drive pistons to produce hydraulic pressure, transmitted by underwater high pressure hose to shore-based generators. Many hundreds of connected WEST devices extend far offshore where waves are bigger, to capture more wave energy. Since natural ocean biological processes are slightly amplified, ecological side effects are minimal. Maritime safety is assured by GPS tracking and navigation aids.